Humanity’s problems are not about rich vs poor, but about humans vs reality(resources) and our failure to support the planet we’ve forgotten we need.

Taxing the rich to pay the poor just creates dependencies on the rich and on inflationary consumerism: exacerbating the problem we already have.

The rich get richer because we live in a system that encourages people to compete with each other (to the death) over money. The best way to compete in this system is to have money to start with.

Nobody wants to talk about the useful value that people need to contribute to the planet so it can continue to support humans. It’s always a bitchfest about who got to steal more than the next thief.

The Earth pays a living to all of the humans on the planet, yet none of them are working for the Earth.

The problem isn’t money either: it’s consumerism. The rich are rich because everyone works for them and buys their disposable stuff.

Go to . Raise the suggested prebate and tax rate to a level that reverses consumerism and supports useful work with local resources. Let people get all of their wages in hand and show them how much they are really worth. Let everyone see the costs of consumption vs work at their decision point: the checkout. Stop using massive administrative skullduggery to favor thieves and their excuse-makers (priests and academics).

Sales taxes are a lot less regressive than a dead planet.

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