Humor, no matter how dark, is often the only path. “If went ‘round, sayin’ I was Emperor just because some moistened bint lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me AWAY!

What does this have to do with depression, you might ask? It’s the part about being the intelligent peasants dealing with the inertia of ignorant aristocracy…and the real and present threat of persistently trying not to get ‘put away’ for it. Is it any wonder so many people are glad to vote for a rich buffoon only if to see what happens (hold my beer and watch this guy!)? Mind? What mind? We have YouTube instead. Millennials are watching their parents kill themselves in pursuit of fanatical competicism and a dead planet, all for anachronistic fantasies of climbing some corporate ladder to reach Excalibur before their obese and diabetic classmates. Is there any mental health ‘professional’ that can really comprehend what most of us are concerned about every morning that(if) we wake up? The most complex things Freud and Jung had to deal with were sex and nightmares. Most of their Earth was still patriarchal agrarians and a walled city was still an escapable realm. Ours is a seething mass of armed, judgmental and self-deluded courtiers under a dome of fire.

Don’t worry. Be happy. “Get enough sleep.” Imagine what dark thoughts go through Dennis’ mind when he’s collecting filth in his bare hands, and the satisfaction from knowing he’s not the guy with the coconuts… ;)

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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