I can’t help but read this, and then read the list below it, and wonder if you really are smoking what I think you’re smoking.

The stories are starting to come in now that scientists are being surprised by the rate of change. That means the worst case models aren’t extreme enough to predict what is already happening.

Those few that survive this century will have to have learned to migrate seasonally (like Genghis Khan; with horses and yurts: if there are any horses that haven’t been eaten). For a while, we’ll have roads. Scientists (along with schools, packaging and nuclear and biological containment) will be gone for whatever reasons: lack of economic infrastructure to support such luxuries, religious fears, sequestration and (if they have any sense) abandonment to enclaves on remote islands.

All of the solutions coming to the table now needed to be implemented 20 years ago with data we had 40 years ago, by heroic people who only exist in imaginative historical fictions (textbooks).

What’s left for us in the coming century is war and starvation like the human race has never seen and doesn’t want to imagine.

All of our civilized food systems are dependent on stable, predictable climate and weather patterns, farmers that are only familiar with electric grid and petroleum-based commodity production, and massive transportation systems. We are not going to teach 7 billion Facebook kittehs to be cooperative and physically useful by the time any system can be imagined, let alone implemented.

The human race has spent the last 100 years overproducing cars, guns and babies: all based on cheap oil, and none contributing usefully to the planet or even their own species’ future.

All of a sudden, humanity is going to become sensible?

shoooop! ‘ere!

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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