I completely agree. But....

Modern civilization and its technologies were not built by stupid people. No, I don't mean the degreed people with more education than your average ditch digger.

I mean the average ditch digger who has to know how to fix a complex electrohydraulic system to do her job. I mean the average farmer that must run a complex business with multivariate systems.

Humans have not encountered a new planet or environment that altered our nature or DNA since going to the Moon.

If vast numbers of people are acting in stupid ways, then there's a system making them that way.

It probably isn't political. Political systems rarely function very well or very long because they don't produce a profitable product.

Merchant systems do. Educational systems do. Religious systems (marketing) do.

Religious systems have been around forever, so that hasn't changed very much (except perhaps the explosion of American tentpole evangelism after the 1906 earthquake in S.F.).

My point is, we have to stop thinking anyone that does stupid things is stupid. We have to stop believing that people always act intentionally, that we can use facts to make them change against the wishes of a system controlling their behavior, and that that system is as benign as we are told (free markets).

We have allowed unquestioned belief in complex systems (income tax code, free market choices, data mining, cancel culture, and worst of all, credentialism) to blind us.

Elections have become a 'free market' for the purchase of human behavior (unfettered campaign contributions) before and after elections (tax code favors for special interests rarely working in the interest of future people). The result is that media has become a brainwashing tool for marketers to steal time, attention and money from people who are too busy (job creators, yay) to think about their habitualized dependencies on the system.

Stupid people didn't build America, but stupified people are consuming it.

We have to end the stupefaction before we'll make anything great again.

Yelling at stupefied people is a useless act.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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