I don’t disagree with your response in the limited sense. Unfortunately, having been through to the end of that analogy, I also see the ‘butterfly’ as the short-lived sexual reproduction phase that is closest to death. The larvae is where most of the growth and usefulness takes place, and its life is the primary function of the whole process. The butterfly is just there to get laid and make eggs. The larvae is the primary participant of plant life, predator nutrition and numerical cooperative effects on the environment.

Humans evolved as active participants in a natural environment. Our ability to think and dream is a bug more than a feature. Civilization is not an employee of Earth: it’s just a mugger who steals the office supplies and moves on. Most of our adaptations to civilization’s artificial environment are fanatical competitions and these behaviors cause our brains to be maladapted to useful thoughts and cooperative actions in the natural world. To demand that we ‘stop overthinking and take action’ first assumes that we don’t need to have an instinctive ability to act cooperatively with a real environment that is trying to eat us (thus preventing us from daydreaming too much).

Now, who’s overthinking? ;)

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