I had a passing acquaintance with the phrase, so I read the wiki. I think Aren’t was considering stupidity or ignorance as the issue, and my thought is that ignorance is relative to usefulness, but failure to question is relative to the knowledge or belief already in place. In other words, one can be ignorant and grounded in reality, or ignorant and couched in fantasy. People can also be very knowledgeable, but still couched in fantasy if they develop a model of the universe based on unquestioned beliefs. One common assumption is that competition will reduce memes to reality, but if the competition is rigged and isolated from reality, it produces people who know only the game. A system of test taking produces those who are good at taking tests if there isn’t some alternative evaluation method. A culture of consumption and aggression produces consumers and bullies. If there is no impetus to question the culture, it eventually becomes only about the sales and stock prices, not about useful or cooperative behavior.

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