I have a similar background and problem. I think one of the problems that the liberal leaders have is that they want to be inclusive, but not of people who are either not in need of their programs or not able to understand the importance of institutionalized decency. Most country folk don’t understand (or admit) why you need gubmint to be decent folk, or taxes to school children. The liberals call them hicks and use even more big words to prove that not being a hick makes them separate or better. The problem is, many of the folks are trapped in culture cults, and they haven’t had a great liberal OR conservative leader show them that it’s alright to change, that they can use different language, and most importantly, how to stop competing with other human animals. I will still return to the family farm, and I will tell them that it’s OK to stop being assholes now. I will once again endure the hateful words and misinformed opinions, because I left and saw the outside world, and it’s my responsibility to the family to tell them when they are being used and exploited for bigger assholes who really will tell them to have a civil war just to play power games. There was a decline in our society anyway. I voted left to let the system make enough economic and environmental rope to hang itself, hoping that a little more time would mitigate the deaths about to happen from collapsing resources and stability. The rural white Americans chose the nuclear option. We can have endless discussion of the reasons, but the bottom line is that our culture and 'leaders’ failed us long before this sorry ass election vomited up the two least future-engaged people on the planet that were available and willing. The future is only built from the bottom. It is the ride down the hill that everyone fears.

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