I have been a fan of Eastwood’s acting and directing most of my life, but I have never been a fan of actors as somehow intelligent or icons of decency. Many do good work outside the stage and screen, but that is separate to me. They are tools of propaganda, and right now, everyone is focused on Trump’s big mouth. We need to take the Hitler analogy seriously because he didn’t get power on his charisma alone, or on the popular vote. Hitler was PLACED in power by Germany’s corporations and the media that was available to take advantage of desperate and ignorant people’s fears and desires. Yes, Germans wanted the jobs in factories and the military. They wanted national cooperation and pride in their country. We can only wipe our collective brow and thank Randomness that Hitler’s asshattery chased the best physicists away and that Japan kicked our pacifism in the ass sooner than later.

We have to keep harping about the media, the marketers and the Corporate Fascists that keep pushing the paranoia buttons. There is no chance for an oligarchal nuclear superpower to lose gracefully, and lose we will. Most of our fancy shit depends on our probable combatants now. No Bubaroo, no computers.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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