I hope that this decision frees up some time for you to grow yourself something good. The System of systems doesn’t want you doing anything for yourself. That’s how they get you: it’s conveeenient to vote, but not so easy for working people to build real community independent of the system. Selling competitive fanaticism is how the media inflates hate to print their own money. There is an endless supply of fanatics when thought has been checked by Competition. If there is anything this System fears more than an individual without a sanctioned job, it’s an unsanctioned cooperative that doesn’t trade away its value for beads and bracelets.

Be wary of the religions. Competitive morality is just another distracting sport employing people in the benefit of the few who build churcharenas.

The rich white system tells the poor to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps knowing damn well that it owns the straps, the boots and any copyright to the method or word “pull”. The only way to win is not to play their game.

Yes, I’m a white male who has some privileges. I don’t know how long that will matter, though. Sooner or later, civilized society will have to reset because it is unstable. It never happens intentionally or predictably. It’s just physics. Nobody votes for physics: in fact, that’s what they all vote against.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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