I hope you enjoyed writing that nice story. Unfortunately, it is logically backward. The people who conquer always write about a god that rewarded them in order to justify their 'ethics’. “Theistic ethics” is an oxymoron. Monotheistic ethics just means there’s only one aristocratic figure (and the supporting minions) collecting the offerings and eliminating competition; as is the ultimate result of any competitive contest. Individual rights are always quid pro quo with a group, not magically unalienable. The power of Judaism is in the bureacracy of the group mind and the printed word, supported at the right time (Constantine?) with proper adaptation (Christian absorption of paganism and authority) to the market (it’s all in the marketing).

The unethical part is the competitive, anthropocentric view that nature is subservient to humans and our imaginary beings.

Civilization is the ethical cheat: privileged ignorance and isolation from the risks and responsibilities of our place in Nature. God didn’t throw Adam and Eve out of the Garden: humans invented God to justify their abandonment of the natural world for selfish gratification/colonialism under the patent of an imaginary all-seeing eye. That ghost story is used to justify traumatising and brainwashing children into being selfish little consumers of the whole God business model (Aristocratic exploitation of human nature, instincts and other people’s resources).

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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