I like what you are trying to do. I think you are trying to change the conversation from shuffling money around, toward the concepts of the value of a human being to the country and the actuality of intentional behaviors that should be encouraged for the sake of self-sufficiency (requiring a minimum amount of resource access) and rewarded (paid for useful/creative work). I think the other side of the wealth inequality issue is the blind belief in consumptionism (belief that all aspects of life can be (nay, HAVE to be) bought with money).

There needs to be some form of support for all citizens, regardless of status, that establishes their value as living members of the country/world, and some form of guidance that helps them know what the right things to do are and what things are costly to their future.

If destroying the planet is cheaper than rebuilding it, humans will generally follow the former and avoid the latter because they see that path daily at the cash register (and there’s no paid advertising telling them to not buy stuff). If it becomes more costly to buy things and depend on massively overbuilt infrastructures, then people will seek alternatives that reward them directly (black markets, local barter, saving instead of spending).

These are the reasons that I advocate for the FairTax plan which simplifies the tax code. A prebate paid to everyone can be negotiated by progressives to be a UBI that would enable everyone to have some degree of freedom from exploitation by abusive employment, and putting the cost of government and consumption at the decision point (prices) would allow a way for people to make better choices in their purchases. On top of that, eliminating the income tax code and the IRS overlords would simplify employment and business at the startup point, as well as free up a lot of springtime labor for gardening or growing cash crops.

The carryover bonus is that it can include a solution to universal health care that is connected to the cost of buying processed foods vs whole foods, as each level of processing/supply could be taxed (VAT-type) so that the worst foods would be the most costly. It would also eliminate the tax deductions for advertising that essentially pays corporations to manipulate consumers toward unhealthy and self-destructive behaviors, thus corrupting our news media and politicians with the windfall.

We have to stop being so simple minded and blindly loyal to complicated systems that are designed to exploit ignorance and apathy, and acknowledge how much we are managed and manipulated to be wasteful and useless by our plutocratic consumerism empire.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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