I like what you’ve done with this article. You just touched on all of the aspects (the only thing I find fault with is too much credit/attention to the iPhone, but admittedly, it is really the opposite of SP).

I don’t quite see the thread going from SP to Right to Repair, as RtR is really about corporate monopolistic practices exploiting working people who need desperately to fix their tractors and trucks on weekends without the dealer’s computer system. Apple in general was always on that tally sheet with their proprietary architectures and ridiculous pretense of cosmetic baubles and features that were more important than useful function.

You should look at this article as an effort that just starts a small part of the conversation about usefulness. Steampunk is about being able to own up both to one’s usefulness (being a maker) and the responsibility to our technology’s functionality as useful and sustainable in a local humanizing future. The iPhone represents humans becoming less and less useful to their own life.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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