I like where you're trying to go (equality vs value), but I think the fundamental long term issue will be, "What are people FOR?". No matter how equal the distribution of resources ends up for civilization, in the end we humans are at war with Nature, including our own nature (social animals) in the employment of money for the sake of money's desires. Some few humans are benefiting in monetary terms, but this temporary state of being will last only until the rest figure out WTF guillotines are for again. After that, humans will start all over with their fanatical competition over competing fanaticisms because they would rather be dumbly 'convinced' and poor and comfortable than useful, satisfied and skeptically aware of their place (at least, that's what markets have groomed us for, anyway).

Wall Street just greased its wheels with the blood and fat of 300,000 unfortunate Americans who committed no crime, no offense to the elite.

Philosophers were employed to discuss whether driving the street car over an economy based on useless consumptionism was preferable to driving it over our grandmothers' and health workers' necks.

Our so-called "leadership" stood up and said, "There is no street car."

Our so-called "conservative" warrior bullies stand ready to wreak bloodshed in the streets over false accusations of pseudo-democracy as the dollars continue to flow.

"Reason's got nuthin' to do with it." - Mr. Gibbs, "Pirates of the Caribbean"

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