I love how you poke the pigs to make us squeal. ;) The white/black dichotomy is part of this failed state, but it isn't just America. It's the global anthropocentric belief that humans are in competition against each other and against nature (and our natural decency because it is 'expensive'). The failure to question the state of things is the problem.

I define Evil this way: an action taken based on an unquestioned belief.

We live in a state of fanatical competition over competing fanaticisms. Bullies always win because we let them: black or white, but mostly white because they have all of the money. They have all of the money (I could say "we", but compared to the top .01%, I ain't got shit) because the proles work for them and buy their shit because almost EVERYONE believes it's easier to play in the systems than making our own stuff without them. Humans create these failed hierarchies because we believe humans are the Most Important Thing. How many Americans actually sit down and talk about the next 7 generations' resources and what we're doing to support them? Fuck all, that's how many. Our entire conditioning and colonialist domestication system is based on selfish consumption and competition. You wrote about black athletes taking advantage of black communities. We have white managers and marketers deciding how to waste more and more resources that belong to our great-grandchildren. If I was black, I'd be fucking pissed about THAT, but the marketers keep us all chained to debts (theft from our future selves) while they steal our time and attention (advertising) and teach our children how fucking great the 'Free' market is.

The failed state is civilization itself: humanity steals from its own children to have trinkets and cheap thrills and the delusion that we won't die if we just BUY.

I have a lot more faith in black people to realize the futility of consumerism than the whites who profit from it, but when our food, schools and religions make everyone's children competitively stupid, fat and lazy, how are they ever going to find out?

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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