I love your optimism. If you take all of the "decent jobs" and consider whether or not they do something useful for the future of the species and its environs, well then that "chance to fix its broken economy" is long past. Centuries of industrial revolution and its no-holds extraction processes have created a dependent civilian majority of $100K+ 'rent-seekers' who can't think in any other terms.

Germany went after Ukraine to feed its growing industrial population.

America will go after its own heartland, only to find nothing but chemical-resistant weeds, abandoned ethanol distilleries, diseased cattle and armed guerrillas driving around in comically oversized pickup trucks.

The Covid infection curve wasn't flattened because of willful ignorance and greed, while the climate curve cannot be flattened: the damage has already been done and the CO2 will hang around for decades even if humanity shuts off all their switches today.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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