I’m a big fan of small projects, so I agree with you, but I don’t think it’s about software. It’s a culture issue. The only anti-capital device that possibly works is a large sales tax (or periodic economic collapse). Currently, every one of those things that you have listed about corporations and advertising incentives is amplified by the fact that they are all deductible as “business expenses.” A sales tax on everything acts as a dampener so that purchasers of all products see the actual costs of infrastructure and environmental overhead (well, as long as the government is involved in environmental protection..sigh). Poverty would be remedied by pre-bates.

In today’s environment, we have unfettered rapacity of consumers, and incentives to teach consumers that all purchases are equally important, rather than prioritizing the things they need vs. things they are coerced into wanting. The only thing I find worse than paying too much is that people are buying things that don’t work in the first place. We don’t have consumerism so much as “buyerism”: it only matters if people buy, not whether they use.

People do stuff, they have reasons for doing stuff: in that order. Corporations don’t do anything without a plan to take advantage of this. Sales taxes interrupt this process by making people stop and think at the one point they have control, the checkout line, whether they can really afford or need the thing that attracted their attention. The current system has artificially low prices on all products, provided by military conquest and economic bullying.

With all that said, How about just writing code that makes people think before acting? I’m sure it can be bluetoothed to hardware inserted hypodermically when earbuds are plugged in the ear canal….

The chicken is just a means for an egg to make another egg. The corporation is just a chicken for consumption to have more consumption. If you want Change, keep it in your pocket.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.