I see that apparent lack of empathy/remorse as a failure to question one’s reasons for acting. In some cases, action is taken based on weak belief (more ignorance than fantasy) and other times, there’s a deliberate effort to prop up an obsolete or factually incorrect ideology. We have been conditioned by the ’magic soul' sellers to assume that emotion and beliefs are more important than knowledge and science (skepticism by intention). It is this habitual failure to moderate fantastic ideologies with fact-finding that allows the powerful to develop systems of evil as “solutions” to anything that they are prejudiced against. A nutjob with a gun is just a nutjob, but one that fails to question his fears and righteousness will cause harm. The determination of evil applies whether they are shooting a window in an abandoned crack house or attacking innocent people. The evil begins with the failure to moderate their emotional urges, a failure that is developed by nature and nurture, often by innocuous-seeming cultural patterns (consumerism, rugged individualism, authoritarian paternalism, competition, etc). Well, that’s my not so professional philosophy, anyway. No easy solution, I’m afraid.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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