I see your rights and raise you one: the only Unalienable NATURAL right of any living thing is the Right to Try to Live.

Everything else (including the Declaration) is statutory.

That said, if humans are going to claim Intentionality as the moral high ground, then our intentional rights of collective agreement should include two things at the top of the list

1. The right of nature to try to live in spite of human desires.

2. All of the Bill of Rights applied to FUTURE people as well, including our future selves (I.E. the right of a woman's choice to live intentionally).

Any group establishes its version of life, but every group is dependent on the natural, physical world in order to survive over the long term. A species survives based on whether it has a positive net future usefulness to nature in total. "Sustainability" is just not enough, because randomness (see "Anti-fragile").

One thing to keep in mind about the Declaration of Independence is that it isn't law. It's just a letter to the king of England.

A new constitutional congress should make a note of that and perhaps have some scientific definitions of "human" (a primate that builds a model of the universe inside its brain), "good" (giving more than taking), and "Evil"(an action taken based on an unquestioned belief), as well as something about consumptionism/colonialism in context of the value of putting more into our physical resource environment than we take from it. In other words, something about the historical concept of "increase" vs. "extraction", rather than just that bullshit about humans pursuing happiness at all costs to their children's planet.

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