I sense there is a chasm between the realities of running a government and the media. The impeachment issue should be treated as just another job to do while continuing to do the work of government. It’s technically just an investigation by Congress into the suspected activities of the president. This is the kind of thing that should be done and kept out of the press as much as possible so it can be accomplished quickly and accurately without any political hand-wringing or Spectacle (Media: “But..but..but..how would we sell BEER and CARS!?”).

With Trump, investigation is pretty much expected. What’s the big deal? Democrats should be neither anxious nor afraid to get this job done, and there should be no more hesitation than submitting any other proposed bill or changing a tire. The only hesitation I can understand is the fear of Pence, but fear shouldn’t determine the work to be done.

Dear Nancy,

Add it to the list of “shit to do today” and keep working:

  1. Impeach Dufus
  2. Think about how to make government business better.
  3. Brunch with Bernie.
  4. Matinee with AOC (Avengers!! Yay! They’d better bring Shuri back! Silicon Valley is tired of Tony Stark’s ridiculously unrealistic tech monopoly.)

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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