I submit that as we try to understand the flow of cause and effect in subatomic realms, we spend a little time considering our assumptions. We assume that the subatomic world is confusing because we don’t know how it works yet, so we keep smashing things harder and harder until we see what we want to see. I suggest we take a moment to question whether we really know how the Newtonian world is actually constructed from the subatomic realm. Feynman once said that if there is any one thing we should pass on to another species if humans were to blow ourselves up, it is “that all big things are made from smaller things”, but we only see things as big or as connected as we can imagine and then measure. Our perspective is one of our imagination and our tools. I suspect that an AI is going to be built soon that will look at all of the data we have collected and tell us what we are missing.

Then we’ll really feel dumb and Feynman will laugh.

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