I submit that your usefulness to your own future and the future of your environment is the chain and sprockets of one's attitude.

People don't really fear Death. That's a misplaced assignment of future self. Nobody knows what Death is, so they don't know what to fear. Their real fear is of losing sensible control of being able to live and eat until the next day or week or year, and fearing Death is a marketing scheme for religions.

If people realized they were actually afraid of not being able to eat or have shelter, they can actualize cooperating with other humans to solve that problem. When they are coerced to fear an Afterlife, they can only get relief from priests and costly aristocractic schemes and cryptology, and it only amplifies and extends the fear through peer pressures to pretend that ill-defined Good and Evil have something to do with it.

When Good is defined as "something useful to the future of oneself or resources" and Evil is defined as "an action taken based on an unquestioned belief", then religion becomes silly and our hands and creative minds become directly connected to Good.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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