I think I see some of the difference in our approach to the consumer mindset. First, do you really think there’s any “realization” ever gonna happen in an Apple store? The system of marketing systems is based on the lack of realization. The people who decry big government authority are often sold a big money authority and don’t blink an eye, even as they borrow money at interest to become enslaved to competition they can never win because they deplete the very resources that are needed to survive in the future, amid a promise to burn even more (interest on a car loan) just to tread water for another day.

I also feel that the thinking of ”the government” is a mistake. That’s the point of mandatory civil service of some kind. Taxes should be always scrutinized, but by everyone on a daily basis (“our” government), not just corporate lawyers getting out of payments and human resources departments carving up your wallet before handing over the dust of a dirty economy.

The stock market and luxury goods look great to the stock brokers and agents, but where does the usefulness end up? Does it contribute more than it consumes from the future?

“Reason’s got nothin' to do with it.” - Mister Gibbs.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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