I think that the scariest thing for anyone to deal with is losing their childhood. Childhood’s end for the far right and white means to be forced to stop being badasses. It isn’t just whites, but bullies everywhere are facing a world of ideas and information that is outpacing asshattery and meanness. Trump represents their final battle call, and most people think we have to fight a battle for decency. We don’t. We just have to outlast the stubbornness with stubborn decency. Tell them that it’s OK to not be an asshole any more. It’s not their fault. It’s time to grow up and out of consumerism and competitive exploitation and rapacity. They need to see that they aren’t losing face, but gaining useful friends. Well, this is going to be my strategy now, anyway. I’m so far right, I’m left. The left needs to accept that the right is made up of people who want to be useful, too. Nobody has a monopoly on ways to be useful and decent.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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