I think that TheThinMan has a valid point, but out of scientific curiosity, let’s think about as many of the fear memes and profit centers as we can, try to understand how they work, why we have them, etc. Then, let’s see if we can find ways to reverse their effects or work around their influences, if we can’t eliminate a particular system. Example: Fear of death. Already done, eliminated with beliefs of eternal life, right? But now people are in constant fear of those fearing God and damnation. Why? Because the fear of death was turned into a profit center even as it was used to build community. Community is an evolutionary advantage, so the religious meme stuck. Rather than finding scientific ways to build community, we are stuck with billions of people who worship the marketing department of civilization. Meanwhile, the habit of believing the magical story has become pervasive, and even though the internet and science offers access to facts, the majority of activities are motivated by imaginary needs and wants. The truth may set us free, but first we have to face it and learn to deal with it. Isn’t that the biggest fear right now? A fear of reality is sold in every advertisement, whether political, commercial or educational. To humble ourselves in the face of the actual animal world that spawned us is to see how our fear of being eaten led to city walls, but every fear after that is just another sales pitch or an artificially amplified fantasy that plays on ignorance to maintain a profitable demographic column in a spreadsheet.

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