I think the missing part of this article is statistical mechanics and the boundary transition from quantum to macro physical states. Otherwise, not bad, necessarily. Metaphysical explanations can be merged with quantum statistical self-usefulness so that structure is stable and individuated when in the net useful state (when a thing has a pattern that is more useful to its own future than it is consumptive of energy: traditionally illustrated as a ball in a trough called “stable”). Unstable or consumptive structures feed on the field or quantum ‘foam’, whereas net useful structures become individuated and often influence other individuation (strange attractors, etc). Below a certain level of complexity, there is no individuation, and above a certain level of stable complexity, there is no simple individuation: there is chaotic interdependence and field interactions with fixed states (macro statistical Newtonian-Einstein-Planck existence physics). It doesn’t make either any less observable.

To dismiss individuation carte blanche is to deny reality. To believe in mathematics as causal is just as deluded. The statistics aren’t the cause: they’re the observation. If we are causing individuation via our individuation-dependent instruments (electron-ics) or imagination, then that needs observing as well.

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