I think you are on the right conceptual plane; that we need a reversal. I think the power and actual human activity that is driving current self-destruction is simple economic blind faith in competitive monetary habits. Those purchase and production habits, though, are based on distorted numbers and hidden costs, so the 'democracy' we already have (at the checkouts) is corrupt at both ends. Purchasers don't see the real cost to their future selves (or offspring) when they make choices, and government is driven by tax-deductible debt and lobbying systems and tax-corrupted systems of "progressivism".

That progressivism is naturally anthropocentric, and so, the anti-progressivism that blames progressivism always jumps to the conclusion that overpopulation and various specific groups are at fault and must be isolated or destroyed to "save" the groups that are somehow 'better' because they are the ones we are familiar with.

The problem is our view that thriving economic systems (due to historical precedent, not logic, and only monetary economics, not natural resource economics) must be based on extraction and competitive consumptionism.

Reversal of these two things can be done in some complex bureaucratic megasystem


Or, by realizing we need to reverse the flow of money and resources toward the planet instead of away from it with one simple change:

UBI and healthcare based on sales taxes high enough to make destruction cost more than husbandry.

Will it ever happen? Hahahaha FUCK no! Intentionality and consciousness are a bug, not a feature. Humans have invented Constuperism instead. We will competitively consume resources until we can't anymore. No government will get elected democratically that demands we stop being profligate consumers to become contributors to the dumb animals, plants and bacteria that future people need.

Humanity is already dead. We just don't have the grace to fall over. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/apr/30/brazilian-amazon-released-more-carbon-than-it-absorbed-over-past-10-years

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