I used to be proud of being cynical. Then I went outside and met people who aren’t. Don’t get me wrong, I still think optimism is delusional, but if we look at the reality around us, civilization has been coopted by the true cynics: religions and corporations that see humans as a cost, not a contribution to the world. Those goddamned false optimists are the worst: the “spiritual hope-sellers” who write books and movies about the power of love and hard work, only to get ahead of the less brainwashed. Our entire competitive way of doing things is suicidally ignorant of the Antifragile nature of the moving matter(life) around us. We take when we should give, fight when we should cooperate. How am I NOT cynical? Because I know that it’s a mechanism (civilization) that can change. There’s nothing wrong with people. We aren’t sinners or terrorists or bullies or racists by nature. We don’t have to wait for some god or alien or prophet or profit to do useful things for the planet and children. We just have to stop letting change terrify us. We don’t have to be the assholes our parents were.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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