I used to have the bumper sticker on my car that said, “Life’s a bitch, then you die.” You have seen that sometimes it’s still a bitch. Television has homogenized our perceptions of the human being as something “normal”, mostly white, where problems are always solved, usually in 40 minutes (though you pay for 60), except during sweeps weeks when you just have to be in a drug induced coma for one more week to save Tiffany/Ashlee/Brandon/Jakob from themselves with your unwaveringly/newfound/merciful forgiveness/sex/wisdom.

Our world is full on insane and we’re supposed to believe that the majority should determine what is the right way to live? Not on a bet. Not as long as there’s a profit in self destruction or dysfunction. A system of Systems doesn’t like nonconforming things like actual people. Be alert. The world needs more lerts. Don’t be adult. There are plenty of those already.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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