I would say 26 years: since the “100 days” thing with Gingrich, we haven’t seen any actual overhaul, just the sales pitches for each next 'major upgrade.’ (After all this time, you gotta wonder if it’s somehow connected to Windows 95), and a lot of macho posturing, leading to massively ignored inflation, resource waste and wage stagnation (The 'middle' class is sedated if their home price keeps going up so they can get more credit).

Hardly anyone actually voted FOR anything in these last 26 years: only against things.

Against Shiny Cities on hills

Against gun control

Against Sarah Palin

Against Obamacare (Gingrichcare)

Against Hillary

Against Trump

While everyone still votes by the trillions for Amazon, Microsoft, Oil, Cars, Processed foods, Sugar, Phones and TV.

Telling people not to buy stuff (always from advertising) isn’t profitable or popular, especially if the news product gets paid to sell stuff.

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