I would submit that all human civilizations have some form of social ‘isms’. Unfortunately, in the world of 10 second sound bites, talking heads need some label to use as a weapon against reason.

Many people are seeing the failures of capitalism as a form of government (lobbyists, corruption, campaign finance kleptocracy, etc.) and they go searching for an alternative. Much like a failing automobile, however, you first need to look at what’s really wrong before junking it and buying another one that will probably end up with new problems.

The problem with capitalism isn’t capitalism: it’s lack of feedback and disinformation. The opposite of capitalism isn’t socialism: it’s high sales taxes. Socialism is just the grease for any civilization’s relationship wheels. Without it, something is going to seize up. Too much, and you don’t have any traction. Capitalism is the traction, but take away sales taxes (or tigers in the wild), and unfettered rapacity destroys the planet. Ooops.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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