I wouldn’t know about that ;)

OTOH, the vast majority of men may be afraid that women will figure out they only need one for every thousand or so women and that sex is unnecessary, just as the aristocracy is afraid that the internet will finally let the proles figure out that they can stop working to enrich them at any time.

As ignorant and blind as men are, I can’t fathom why women start competing for the bottom of the lowest brow barrel at such an early age (well, yeah I can….marketing), then complain why men are so stupid. Other than a few lucky inventors and aggressive intelligent thieves like Bill Gates (yes, Windoze is giving me fits again), it’s been my experience that toxic masculinity is very popular with women. Now that some women are figuring out it isn’t all that the war movies, cigarette, car and whiskey commercials cracked it up to be, masculinity is only available in toxic flavors and metrosexual men are too busy doing their beards and carbon fiber bicycles up with expensive oils to pay attention to the expensive makeup that women still buy. Victoria’s Secret? Really?

Fanatical competicism and competing fanaticisms is no way to run a civilization.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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