If Earth was a company, humans would just show up to steal the office supplies but still expect a living.

The thing to remember is that government is an emergent phenomenon of human activity and coordination of activity. Whether it's good or bad depends on the activities of the citizens more than the government. When citizens continue to demand a living from the Earth without paying for it (extraction philosophy), it won't matter what the government does because in the end, it is unsustainable.

American government justifies nearly all of its programs and decisions on "consumer demands", that are tallied and analyzed based on cash register receipts and corporations lobbying the government to help them provide products at low prices. If people could see how much their purchases are actually costing their grandchildren, the prices would be prohibitive of our current economic models.

The days of Old Timey leadership and democracy are gone: sold to "one dollar, one vote". It doesn't have to be bad per se, it just has to be acknowledged and managed as the new reality if humanity is going to survive.

As things sit right now, there will be nothing but diversion, disinformation and distraction to keep people from knowing how much they are destroying the planet and how fast.

The opposite of unfettered capitalism is not socialism: it's sales taxes that reflect real costs at the decision point.

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