If our food and culture make people sick, immature and ignorant, how will they ever find out? Perhaps this is my childish response (blaming the system for my own ills), but when I see the ‘mature’ people playing the fanatical competicisms game to keep up their appearance of ‘success’ in a system of factory patriarchy and religious aristocracy, I’m glad I can still be unhappy about it.

Everything about capitalist consumerism and its deluded child (liberally ‘conscious’ consumptionism) encourages and profits from immaturity. Our so-called ‘leaders’ have tantrums when the status quo is threatened.

I like the use of oversimplification to make a point, but beware of actual investigative logic. Exploring the full spectrum of our individual environments leads to evaluation of the overarching factors (factories) that influence those environments. If parents fail to allow their children to mature, what is failing to allow parents to mature? What is failing to allow civilization itself to mature (to stop hiding from natural resources and pollution and take response ability for the world)?

If I say, “Alexa, order me something plastic in a plastic bag big enough to smother civilization. Put it on Trump’s credit card”, Is that somehow different than 8 billion people saying, “Alexa, order some face masks and ship them overnight”? One immature person is random. 8 billion of them are a system. It didn’t start with factories. It started with priests selling a product that they never have to deliver and people buying it wholeheartedly because they made cooperative friends in the process. Nobody stops to think they could have just made friends and cooperated without the priests selling them imaginary salvation. Religions profit by keeping people from realizing their maturity as well as anything else does, yet you will be very lucky to question it without repercussion. American voters place atheists somewhere far below child molesters (especially religious ones).

It isn’t a failure to mature that neotonizes people; it’s belief systems that prevent them from questioning their actions and being aware of their reality. Believing in God, guns, government or gurus isn’t really the problem. The problem is that there are systems in place to keep people from questioning their actions and beliefs. These systems are deeply entrenched to keep people blindly trading the useful creative work of their hands and minds(using money) in order to obtain poor substitutes of usefulness to their own and their place’s future, always on top of some form of extraction of resources from the least to the most powerful.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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