If Warren and Klobuchar would form an alliance and just stand for anti-corruption and intelligent government, they could just watch the rest melt down over Trumpisms. Perhaps America doesn’t seem to want logical reasoning because the advertisers drive the attention to the idiot gallery to sell beer and cars.

Warren needs to let go of “taxing the rich” and embrace UBI with sales taxes to eliminate the income tax code. That’s the core of corruption in this country. It’s why advertisers have so much money to drive attention to stupid places. It’s why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer: because we work for them and buy their shiny noisy crap instead of working for ourselves to do useful things. Taxing the Rich automatically assumes we need the rich to keep exploiting the poor. Therein is the core problem with the Democratic party.

We Don’t Need Them.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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