If we don’t do much differently, then farming will be all go-go guys for the most part and luxury organics for the rest. Not much left between when the 2nd gen boomers are out of it and all of the silos are empty. Our entire economy is backward, exploiting the land for its biomass, its spaces and its clever children. The environment is our future, and our economy should reflect that by adding to the land and those who improve its future. Instead, we let civilians(domesticated pets) set the rules even though the point of civilization is to isolate them from the real world of dirt and manure.

Every new tech is just a little more than the farmer can get without adding cows or land to the farm.

When a farmer runs out of barn space, he has to limit the number of cows. When a city runs out of places for people, it takes over the farms. Cities need fences to keep people in, not out. Civilizations are built by barbarians and ruined by civilians because they don’t know what people are for.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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