If we take a moment and define fascism in Mussolini’s terms (the integration of corporations and the state), with an eye to the underlying market analytics and coercive tactics, then the Barbie fascism is simply an obvious path after the news “product” sponsors tracked Trump’s effectiveness at selling macho merchandise.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the Barbies are provided by whatever agency has the Ford or Annheiser accounts.

The opposite of capitalism is not socialism: it’s sales tax. If we see the problem as Hitleresque fascism instead of Taminy Hall capitalism, we will continue to lose ground because we’re fighting with the wrong weapons against the wrong enemies.

Americans who voted for Trump aren’t the enemy: capitalists who pit everyone against each other for profit are. Fanatical competition over competing fanaticisms by people who believe bullying is leadership does wonders for beer and prescription drug sales.

As you pointed out, Barbies make men stupid and women loyal.

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