I’ll admit that the goods are odd, so I don’t argue with anyone for not voting. It’s a hell of a change to go from arguing against Public Radio’s darling to voting for her. That combination (NPR and the Clintons ) wrought the clusterfuck that became NAFTA, the housing bubble, and the failure to fully open the books on covert operations that destroyed the US credibility. Bernie’s socialism stance is great to fantasize about, but it is dependent on burning enough resources to pay for it. To burn resources, they always turn to guys like Trump: salesmen who pride themselves on getting people to buy crap they don’t need. Unfortunately, we all need time to work on our reality perception issues, and that time needs to be somewhat stable, or we’ll end up in the past cycles of war, competition and death. The more people who vote for stability and peace, the less contention over a mission mandate, but that may not be a focusing motivation. A null vote might be a motivation to change the election process, but instead, we would end up with the Fanatic vote: historically fewer voters trends toward the right and religious.

It’s a clusterfuck, but it’s the one we buy every time we spend money. One dollar, one vote. If there’s any one reason to vote, I think it’s to raise the minimum wage and put more actual daily votes closer to the bottom of the pile of bodies.

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