I’m going on a simplified thick branch here and put my 1 1/2 cents in:

There are basically two things that elected Trump, and both of them came from egregious failures of the DNC over the last 20 years:

  1. Failure to institute a national health policy that abandoned their graft from corporations, banks, drugs and ego for their “involvement” in “helping” people who need health care. A national health system (including food policy) would have required the DNC to give up control of the sick and dependent demographic in exchange for healthy people in the future. If you ask anyone that voted for Trump what their biggest problem has been under Obama, they will most likely say “health insurance costs”, and people don’t even NEED fucking insurance! They need good health. The insurance debate is a luxury war among oligarchs, not a real need of the people.
  2. Keeping the Clintons in government. The Republicans own the pocketbook and fear votes, and the DNC destroyed their own credibility by keeping suspicious characters as their mascot. If they are going to play the “Principles” card (racism, feminism, progressivism, etc.), they need to seriously open the books and clean the house out, including admitting when there might be some ideas on the right that they can make work better than the Republicans (Convert the FairTax plan into a minimum income/anticonsumerism issue simply by negotiating the rates).

No matter how much moral posturing the “Progressive” elites can come up with, a big chunk of the population is not convinced without coherence, integrity and results.

The oligarchs and “investment income” block profit from instabilities and exploitation in the economy. The workers and poor benefit from stability and peace. This election, as most are, was a deception battle between the dirtiest of the oligarchs, not the best of America, and the oligarchs convinced enough to vote for more instability again. Let the profits and prophets roll on…until they can’t.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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