I’m in the camp that “stuff happens”, and it doesn’t take a miracle when you have millions of years. That said, I also think that the technology psychology needs more research. Civilization’s first requirement is for a species to actually hate its environment, and thus, most of its own kind, in order to become so motivated away from natural cooperation with the food chain and synergy. Are humans really the best example of intelligence, or are we basing the test on our problem-solving ability: a cleverness that only exceeds the raccoon with its paw caught in a jar because we learned to break jars (create a different problem)? Most of our intelligence is measured on a scale where we accidentally created bigger problems to solve (war, cancer, famine). Maybe the “intelligent” species of the universe have simply learned ways to make their environment perfectly symbiotic, thus having no need for TV. Look around. Humanity’s intentionality is being tested more than our cleverness. Are we bright enough to let go of the shiny object in a jar?

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