I’m well aware of chiropractic’s wacky past and its woo-woo practitioners, but in the U.S., they fill a huge gap between the credentialed jerks of the AMA and no healthcare at all. Most people that go to chiropractors really need a physical therapist and months of counseling and physical training, but they aren’t going to get it. A chiropractor might still trade eggs or chickens, and take the time to explain exercises to maintain better posture. The AMA just says, “your insurance doesn’t pay for that” and walks away. Chiropractors build small offices in small towns where the AMA doesn’t see enough profit to pay for the insurance to cover up their quackery and incompetence.

The AMA/FDA want nothing to do with agriculture, and the USDA wants nothing to do with health and nutrition. The government thinks the cost of health insurance is too high to provide it, but doesn’t consider that people need good health, not insurance or huge administrative profit centers. Chiropractors, whether through quackery, ignorance or community, at least are focused on an individual’s health. If they wanted to get rich, they’d become administrators.

In Canada, you have the privilege of laughing about it. Good for you.

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