“In a society based on competition, you inevitably get fewer and fewer winners and more and more losers.” Wendell Berry.

It isn’t economics or racism at the heart of this class war: it’s the marketing power of fear and loathing of each new mouth to feed. Our so-called experts and leaders see every child as an economic competitor instead of a contributor, and our economy-based thinking is insane from a survival standpoint. Every interest group is pulling at the ’idea' of 'winning' disciples by terrifying them, and the kids have no way to know what is true or important. They certainly aren’t going to get reality lessons from TV or churches, yet that’s all they have. Kids don’t necessarily need ”enrichment”, but they do need to know what is real. It’s time to think about offering science academies to all kids without their “towns” being involved. We’re already in Ender’s Game, but we have the threat of our own ignorance and consumptionism instead of alien bugs. Our civilization is eating our children and a very few people are profiting from it while we work for them and buy their crap.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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