“In a society based on competition, you will inevitably get fewer and fewer winners and more and more losers.”-Wendell Berry

I don’t think we have to take on competition per se, but the unfettered consumption-capitalism that has been fostered by our rapacity toward resources and the flow of that wealth away from the land (and labor) itself.

The opposite of Imperialist capitalism isn’t socialism: it’s sales taxes. It isn’t so much that the wealthy are SO wealthy, but that the resources that made them wealthy were not available to everyone else to do useful work for themselves. With PostWar Productivity Consumerism, the labors were made so efficient and decisions were made by profiteers to the point where nobody is allowed to be working just for their own needs. Everyone has to have a ‘job’ that contributes more to the cashflow-based wealth (and taxes) of the nation than to their own benefit. They do so because it LOOKS like it’s the only way to do it: because the actual cost of laboring for someone else and purchasing products is externalized and hidden in various ways. Most significantly is how taxes are taken before anyone has a choice to not pay them, and the government uses military force and subsidies to support corporations through a massively increasing debt load that isn’t getting paid. That debt load is a tax that everyone has hanging over their head even though the resources just aren’t available to pay that tax…ever.

Everything about our economic models is backward: extracting more than we put into the world is suicidal. Whether we break up corporations or not, we have to stop basing every policy on the degree of wealth flowing the wrong direction. If all of the labors of CEOs was going toward their employees and communities, then there would be no problem. The farther from the land, the less someone should be receiving in resources. Human efforts have to support the resources our children need, not immediate gratification for the few (pursuit of happiness bullshit), and if so-called “progressives” are going to have a platform, that should be all they need to work on. Without valuing labor and land, we cannot grant sustainable rights or freedoms: as it stands, we are just stealing our existence from the future.

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