In an action movie, the world reaches the brink of destruction, only to be saved by the individual genius who discovers the key to salvation and convinces everyone to listen, believe and act in their own interest to fight Evil and win against all odds.

Here’s why this story never happens in real life:

The genius needs to have basic needs met.

People don’t listen to anyone who tells them that they are wrong.

People don’t believe geniuses: they believe IN heroes and follow the money that endorses the image of a hero (see Bible). It’s all in the marketing, and it’s ALL marketing.

People usually only become clever when their lizard brain gets them into a trap by seeking shiny, noisy crap and then only to solve an immediate problem (getting out). I call it Raccoonocracy. Americans call it freedom.

Evil is any action based on unquestioned belief: hence the false choice of any “lesser” of two of them.

“Wait! What’s that switch?!”

“What switch? Where!?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. We’re going to die after all.” -Douglas Adams

Whether or not you are faking, so is everyone else. Some people are comforted by that. It terrifies me.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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