Ironically, the only feedback mechanism that directly addresses the free market evils is a sales tax. People make decisions at the checkout. They don’t analyze their stock portfolio or their deductions and dependents when buying beer or tanning bed time. They compare the money in their wallets (or credit card limits) to the price, and their market-saturated hormones and synapses click and buzz. Their brains make up a “reason” for doing stupid shit later on.

What’s ironic? The biggest supporters of a sales tax (the FairTax) and its progressive (with a little negotiation) prebate are libertarian Republicans. The only thing necessary to make it liberal is to raise the rate and the prebate. It eliminates businesses writing off expenses, it frees up a lot of human labors (no more income tax terror/labor camp time), and it eliminates the primary mode of corporate fascism (manipulation of the tax codes). Once people see the real costs of most products, they can get back to being useful to themselves and each other, rather than only useful to marketers.

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