It is no longer an option to ignore stupidity because it hides behind money or a spreadsheet. We are afraid because fear sells. We are sexist because sex sells. We are racist because hate sells. Are you starting to see why we are violent yet?

It isn’t because assault rifles exist: it’s because violence fucking sells. We didn’t tune in Star Trek to see make-up and relationships: we tuned in to see Kirk and Picard and Janeway blow shit up.

(Long rant follows. Read on at your discretion.)

Humans are easily manipulated toward violence because it gives us a feeling of control over a moment. Marketers don’t care what happens to us after that moment we believe that we are in control at the cash register. To quote George Carlin, “They don’t give a fuck about YOU!”

By “marketers”, I mean anyone that uses manipulation technique to convince you to act in a way that costs you time or money that you would not have spent without meeting them or reading their ”innocent” copy.

Mind control is not just for the 3letter agencies. The human race is on the cusp of realization that we are not so sentient (individually) as we are sold to believe, and the use of “higher powers” to provide morality must be reexamined. The power of the marketplace is an Invisible Hand Job. The higher power of God is a tool of aristocracy to keep majority rule under the limitations of ignorance and obedience to authority. Meanwhile, we get more and more isolated from each other by the sale of fear. We have a culture of selling fears, not exchanging value. Without other priorities, the powerful sales pitch always takes the forefront, whether it’s eternal life, wardrobe malfunction, terrorism or fear of losing our “freedom”. This is a culture problem we don’t want to face: the idiocracy of selling anti-intellectualism and competitive individualism. We have blind faith in our merchant class, been abandoned by philosophers, and our awareness is blocked by billboards. In reality, we have created an evolutionary trap of individualism worship. Those with the power to make policy have methodically eliminated the moderation of liberal educations, moderate lifestyles, and recirculating wealth/power. They have entrenched their power far away from the reach of the Commons, and the loss of resources in communities is manifesting itself as deep fears that sell guns, liquor, drugs and overpowered cars. Everyone seems to be trying to escape from everyone else, and the marketers gladly sell the means to do so, and banks collect interest on it.

Now that the suburbs and exurbs are getting crowded and ineffective for the isolation meme, competitive isolationism meets desperation: and as they say in script writing (scripture), “violence ensues”.

We have to do more than stop gun sales. We have to stop consumptionism, isolationism, and most of all, the foolish concept of blind individualism. We are all dependent on the next person we meet to recognize us as an equally valuable human being, and we are obligated to being and teaching so ourselves. That won’t happen as long as we use imaginary beings and imagined (and marketed) fears and exaggerated differences to justify actions. We have to stop accepting willful ignorance as a protected religious freedom and the invisible hands and beings as viable morality. We have to do things as real people, not as demographics, sinners or consumers.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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