It is not a problem with farmers or attitudes: It’s a failure of civilization itself. Every aristocratic ag system creates an artificial environment, separating humans from nature. The social system then sends farmers out of society to raid nature for food. Everyone needs healthful food, but we have forced farmers to compete with each other for the bottom of the price barrel. The rest of humanity squabbles over the bounty and hoards the money and resources while taking cheap calories for granted and with little connection to a luxury sickness-based economy. Yes, eating crappy food and living careless of the risks to our future is a luxury only “civilized” people enjoy: until the food riots start.

The only stable solution is to have the lowest living resources (land, water, life) be the highest priority of the society. Resources have to flow toward maintenance of the foundation of life, not to the top of useless pyramids. It has always been thus. Knowing your farmer isn’t enough: you have to PAY her enough to be healthy, to keep the land healthy, and to propagate their skills and legacy into the future. Sunlight flows into the soil through life, otherwise it’s just cooked dirt. The people who facilitate this process and create food cleanly should be revered as Gods, not cursed as servants.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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