It isn’t that the flyover country people care less about Trump’s actions as much as they care less about what the coastal news media are saying. My Republican family and friends are sick and tired of the constant Trump Trump Trump bickering and mindless drivel on TV, and so they tune it all out and go back to feeding your pieholes. This is America. There are no “principled” politicians anymore. There is only money and the purchases made at cash registers: mostly on the coasts. One dollar = one vote, and those votes are mostly for the other dollars, not for people. The ‘news’ media is just selling beer and cars via bloody hype. The so-called “Left” is only pandering to their own demographics and donors (drug companies and echo chamber rich liberals) in order to get re-elected. They have no principles that are different about operating the government than the Right who is trying to dismantle the government for their own pandering to so-called “conservatives”. Everyone is fanatically competing over competing fanaticisms, not sitting down to the table and finding ways to support the future of the country or even get some work done. We all put the village idiot in charge (an emergent phenomenon of consumptionism and The Invisible Hand Job), but NOBODY tried to put him to doing useful work for the village. They all just started screaming epithets about the end of the world. The Republican “principled leaders” used their “principles” of lower taxes, corporate rape (job creation) and exploitation of the working poor to wipe out a century of hard work and public service organization.

We don’t need to speak truth to power. They know exactly what they are doing and they like it. Trump is capitalizing on confusion and insanity with his own brand of confusion and insanity. As long as there’s twinkies and investment betting still going on, Americans will keep buying stuff and ‘supporting’ whatever the government does.

It’s all just marketing now. The Left provided plenty of fodder for the click counters to isolate reason from reality and sell products. What’s around us now is the inevitable result of The Greatest Generation’s planned obsolescence philosophy of markets that were designed to keep the war production going full blast when there was no war.

Capitalists have obsoleted reality.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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