It Takes a Village Idiot

A friend sent a link to a story about Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, and despite the seriousness of the topic, I had to laugh at this line, “ Ideally, an employer would fund both a diagnostic assessment and a workplace needs assessment”.

Yeah, right…and then you can start looking for another employer. Obviously, this was written by an academic or a European. Employed Americans (who have insurance) know that it wouldn’t be covered and even if it was, there would be a co-pay equivalent to at least 3 car payments (again; so much for keeping a job).

But that’s not what this story is about. It’s about the intention of what Hillary (yes, I feel we’re on a first-name basis by now and she deserves a little respect without that rusty anchor last name) said a long time ago. “It takes a village.”

When it comes to labeling people and isolating them from the normal activity of a society (it’s called “ostracizing”), it takes a village. Thanks to ta interwebs, the power of labels and ostracizing can now be done via remote control, without the body language or actual hugs or curses of real life ‘villaging’. Democrats and Republicans have spent the last 40 years or so cowering in their fundraising call center caves with their corporate ‘friends’, using labels and buzzwords to take elected presidents of various talents, faults and skin colors and box them up and put them up on a shelf, not to be touched until the next election cycle comes along.

It took a true village idiot to fully demonstrate this process. Trump (and his white-coated family and VP caregivers) have moved into the long-term care facility on Pennsylvania Ave and visiting hours are closed for people servicing the actual needs of the country. Spectators from the press are allowed in the galleries to taunt and scream about inane tweets while the secret war-mongers and profiteers of Amurka get on with their advertising and killing and exploiting.

As usual, Academia is strapped in with the safety bars locked down on their roller coaster ride, selling overpriced snacks and hotel rooms to rich students or corporate sponsors. Intelligent questions are reserved for the next iPhone or folding screen while political science professors pander to the car salesmen on the 6 o’clock spit-fests.

Meanwhile, the effects of the cubic function of atmospheric moisture vs. temperature are washing away the poor people who might still know how to use a pitchfork.

Why is everyone so angry at the idiot? The village put him there.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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