It's all in the marketing, and it's ALL marketing. The opposite of capitalism is sales tax. As long as we have the income tax code, the bullies get a write-off for brainwashing us all in favor of the violence of consumptionism.

Right from the beginning, the canvassers for Joe Biden had only one message: "Joe is the anti-Trump".

There was never a carrot. Only stick.

We'll still burn the planet with ethanol farming.

We'll still buy trillions of dollars of weapons to fight our own species as the planet we depend on gets hotter.

We'll still wonder why the rich get richer and the poor work for them to buy shiny, noisy crap.

The poor will still get fatter on cheap empty calories and the rich will still open more gyms to pretend they are healthy.

Humans will still be useless to the future of their places.

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