It’s already done. See Supported mostly by the right, the left only needs to negotiate the rate and increase the prebate until UBI is met.

The bottom line is that sales taxes are less regressive than bureaucracy and a dead planet. We demand government services (police, fire, roads, etc) mostly because of the things we BUY, not the things we make. Income taxes are not just wrong, they are silly and manipulative: which always favors those with the money to manipulate government. Almost all corruption in our government can be traced to the people manipulating the income tax code, whether on the right or the left of the aisles.

People need to know how much things really cost, so they can make decisions (one dollar = one vote) that are informed and useful to themselves and their places. UBI should be high enough to ensure they can choose to not be enslaved by marketing and debt.

Coercion (advertising and marketing) is tax deductible in the current framework. Think about that.

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